Audio with Fedora 40 and KDE Plasma

In trying to get my microphone to work in Fedora 40 with KDE Plasma, I somehow broke audio playback. Plasma would play it’s startup sound, but then after that, the speaker icon would have a red cross through it like it was muted. Plugging in headphones would unmute, and I could hear the “bonk” sound if I tried to increase or decrease the volume. But soon as I tried to play something, the speaker icon would go back to having the rad cross through it. Checking the setting panel … if I was there when I plugged in the headphone, I would get the regular setting, but if I played a test sound, I would get the error “Error trying to play a test sound. The system said: “Invalid state””. If I went to the setting after I tried to play a sound in another app, I only get the mic setting but no speaker or output setting.

After looking around and trying some different things, I found the answer here:

dnf remove pulseaudio 
dnf install pulseaudio plasma-pa 
dnf install pipewire-pulseaudio alsa-plugins-pulseaudio --allowerasing

Apparently there is a conflict with one of the packages. Both the microphone and the Speakers seem to be working … for the moment …

Linux is great and works well, till it doesn’t 😛