Dance on Your Knees!

Oh man … what can I say about Hall & Oats that hasn’t already been said. I remember seeing this video as a kid and just being amazed by it. The big drum set, them getting run over by it, and then their flatten bodies being posted on the wall. As an adult, I appreciate Oats totally hamming is up in the background and especially when they’re trapped in the drum. Also: Oats is obviously the more fashionable of the two – Zubas with hi-top Nikes – too much. Is Oats wears legging with white Nikes in one of the scenes? EVEN BETTER.

And this video … as a kid I was fascinated with the part where Oats is swimming by on a cloud.

The daycare that I went to as a kid used to do field trips to a skating rink. They had some random stuff from the Disney Channel and a few music videos from MTV that they would play on a projector tv while we skated around – this was one of the videos. I loved this song, but it wasn’t till much, MUCH later that I learned that the lyrics were “What does it matter?” instead of “Mind over Matter.”

And how can we forget this fever dream of a Christmas video? Honestly probably one of my favorite covers of Jingle Bell Rock.

Brendan Maclean – Stupid

I had almost made it out the other side of my Aussie-ophile-lism, when Welcome to Night Vale had Brendan Maclean’s Stupid on The Weather. It’s a great song, that went great with the episode, and had a great video! His other videos are pretty good, but there’s just something about this one that I love. Maybe it’s juxtaposition between the “The Party Girl” and Brendan. Like: sometimes you can either choose to be miserable or choose to have a good time no matter what. Either way, I love this video.

Also: I like that The Party Girl looks a bit like the character from Hyperbole and A Half. I tried to tell Brosh this; I don’t think she was amused.

I used to talk to Brendan every now and then on Twitter. He seems like a pretty cool guy. Go check his other music out.

Harvey Danger – Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Harvey Danger is a pretty cool band. One of my favorite songs is Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo. While some of their other music videos kinda leave you wanting, the one for Sad Sweetheart is pretty cool and kinda adds to the song.

When Tumblr first came onto the scene, I used the hashtags #sad #sweet and #heart not necessarily as part of a systematic taxonomy, but more as a way to express my feeling towards the post. Want to see everything that makes me #sad or that I thought was #sweet? Well, there you go! I did take work related stuff #rodeo, and when I rejoined Facebook (again) I kept using #rodeo for work stuff.

she takes another temp job
but in her secret heart she rides

Architecture in Helsinki

A while back I when through an “Aussie-ophile” period, listening to a lot of bands outta Australia. One of the bands that I picked up – and still really like to this day – was Architecture in Helsinki. Their songs are pretty good and the videos are always creative and usually add a lot to the song.

If you ever get a chance to see them play live, take it!