Presentations and Publications

“Lights, Camera, Libraries! Act 1: Using Windows Live Movie Maker”

Presented at TxLA Conference 2013 with Barbara McAthur
Hands on workshop providing introduction to using Windows Live Movie Maker and Microsoft PowerPoint to create instruction and promotional videos for libraries.

“Survey Tools for Libraries”

Presented at TxLA Conference 2013
Overview of pros and cons of various survey tools for use in a library environment.
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“Lights, Camera, Libraries!: Using PowerPoint & Windows Movie Maker to promote you library”

Presented at TxLA District 8 Conference 2012
Walked users through the steps of using PowerPoint & Windows Movie Maker to construct videos for library instruction and promotion that can be uploaded to YouTube.
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Member of Panel for TxLA Conference 2012 General Session II with Stephen Abram, Eli Neiburger, Molly Raphael, & Ric Hasenyager
Panelist were asked to speculate on the future of eBooks and their impact on K-12, public, and academic libraries.

“Extreme Makeover: Digital Edition”

Presented at TxLA Conference 2012
Discussed evaluation of the design & structure of library websites, management of library websites using various Content Management Systems, and conducting user experience testing via various techniques and tools.

“Speed Dating with eReaders and Other Mobile Devices”

Presented at TxLA Conference 2011 with Christina Gola
“Petting Zoo” that allowed attendees to interact with gadgets in an informal, round-table setting. Devices included eReaders, tablet computers, and smartphones.

“Promoting eReaders & Digital Content: Conversations and Context”

Member of Panel for TxLA Conference 2011 with Rhonda Kuiper & Suzanne Shrtz Panel moderated by Christina Gola
Discussion of different eReaders and eBook Collections, best practices for circulation program, and concerns regarding digital rights management and copyright.

“2D Barcodes: Inspiration for Uses in the Library”

Presented at TxLA Conference 2011 with Dustin Haisler
Overview of 2D Barcodes, including how to create and decode then via mobile devices. Included innovative uses for 2D Barcodes.

“Libraries, eBooks, and eContent”

Presented at Internet Librarian 2010 with Christina Gola & Chad Mairn
Presentation on UH Libraries’ experiment with eReaders, including the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader Touch Edition, and eReader Apps on the Apple iPod Touch. Also detailed the libraries’ experience with downloadable eBook services.

“Mobile Innovations in the UH Library”

Presented at Handheld Librarian II 2010 with Rachel Vacek, Christina Gola, & Robin Dasler
Overview of UH Libraries’ Microgrant Program, highlighting the successes and challenges of two mobile microgrant projects, and sharing how opportunities for collaboration manifested both in and outside the library.

“Google Docs, EtherPad, and Then Some: Word Processing and Collaboration in Today’s Portable Work Environment”

Texas Library Journal, Volume 86 Issue 2 (Summer 2010)
Article examining various online word processors, such as GoogleDocs, Adobe Buzzwords, EtherPad, and OpenGoo, providing examples for their use in a library and classroom setting.
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“Web Based Word Processing in the Library”

Presented at TxLA District 8 Conference 2009
Review of online, web based word processors, such as Google Docs, EtherPad, and OpenGoo, with demonstrations and suggestions for use in a classroom and public library setting.

“Building Community Through Wikis”

Presented at TxLA District 8 Conference 2008
Presentation on lessons learned from the US Intelligence Committee’s experiments with Intellipedia – a Wikipedia like tool for the intelligence community – and how those lessons can be applied to a library community.

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